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Shih Tzu puppies often have slightly pinched nostrils that generally open with time. The bubbly discharge from a Shih Tzu puppy’s nose is NOT serious if the discharge is clear and watery and the dog is otherwise thriving. This problem is most acute during the teething stage. Even the nostrils of a dog that has difficulty simultaneously eating and breathing or is lethargic at this time may open satisfactorily as the dog matures, but a few dogs this severely affected may require surgery later on.

♥ Pinched Nostrils and Teething go together ♥

TEETHING PROBLEMS: Some puppies in this breed experience teething trouble. The noses swell and pinch off some and they may have a little clear discharge. They make some snorting and snuffling sounds. They will usually outgrow this after the adult teeth come in. As long as they are playful and active and eating and drinking well, they are ok. If they can’t eat or drink well and are lethargic or the discharge changes color, they may have developed infection and need to be checked and treated. Most Shih tzu pups are fine after teething, and it is recommended not letting any surgery be done until after adult teeth are in.

Many Shih Tzu puppies nose's will become tight during the teething phase. It will often cause them to snort and mouth breath. This will go away usually around 12-16 weeks of age sometimes longer. It is very different the Stenotic Nares (Pinched Nostrils). Which is noticed from birth.